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  • February 1: 30th Annual HSC Charity Auction tickets go on sale: Go to>
    In the Browse Events tab, enter “Commando Luau”.

  • February 16 @ 6 PM: “Wreath-Making Class”
    @ The Landing Zone 

  • February 16: HSC Logo Submissions Due: We're looking for a new logo--and you can help! Download the instructions and entry form and submit them today.
  • March 20: Last day to apply for the 2017/2018 HSC Executive Board positions
  • March 31 @ 5:00 PM: “30th Annual HSC Charity Auction” @ The Soundside Club
  • April 20 @ 6 PM: “Mad for Bingo Tea Party” and vote for the 2017/2018 HSC Executive Board @ The Soundside Club
  • May 18 @ 6 PM: “President’s Dinner /
    Officer Installation” @ TBD


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